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          Tie Tee Features

        • Free Hanging Tie Sewn On at the Neck
        • Fitted Cut T-shirt (View size chart)
        • 100% Texas Organic Cotton
        • Grown and Sewn in the USA
        • Tagless Neck T-shirt for Comfort
        • Phthalate-Free Inks
        • Removable “Knot” for Easy Ironing

        Washing Instructions

        Taking care of a Tie Tee is easy, just wash it cold with similar colors to keep it vibrant, and iron the tie to keep it crisp and pressed. Follow these simple steps for optimal care…

        Tie Tee Care

        Tie Tees – T-shirts with Real Ties

        In an age of fascist corporations, greedy bankers and corrupt politicians, the suit has become a symbol of servitude to everything we hate. Yet the necktie remains a timeless icon of professionalism, and combined with a T-shirt it creates an evolved concept; one that’s as casual as it is responsible.

        Made with 100% organic, pesticide-free cotton that’s grown by family farmers in Texas and sewn in California, the Tie Tee supports the struggling American economy while keeping carbon emissions low. While doing it right may cost a little more, the costs of doing it wrong are subsidized by the entire world through bad air, dirty water, and unfair wages in hellish sweatshops.

        The Tie Tee claims the powerful symbol of the necktie to create an alternative to the business suit for those who want to dress up but will never sell out; those who’re working to make the world a better place by enriching more lives than just their own; those who are creating a new definition of professional.

        With the world’s economy and environment teetering on the brink, it’s obvious that business as usual isn’t working. Business as usual usually sucks.

        What do you think of the Tie T-shirt?