Eco Fashion Week

Eco Fashion Week becomes the international capital of sustainable-fashion every year from its home in Vancouver, BC—and the shows are open to the public.

Myriam Stands Up for Eco-Fashion

We all know our shopping decisions impact the planet, but the transition from shopping carelessly to shopping consciously can be hard, especially when it comes to clothing. So how does one evolve from a total shopoholic to becoming one of the most eco-conscious fashionistas in the world? For Myriam Laroche, all it took was looking into her closet.

Myriam Laroche' repurposed vintage clothing
Myriam's repurposed vintage fashion

“I wasn't eco-friendly at all. I was the girl with a hundred pairs of shoes, buying one T-shirt in five colors. But after a while you go through your closet and you see, ‘that's new... that's new... I never wear that...’ and that's when I said to myself, whoa.”

This sudden epiphany made Myriam stop to rethink the amount of clothing she was wasting every year, and examine the environmental impact of manufacturing it all. But she couldn't stay away from her love for fashion, so she found a new way to feed her addiction—this time in thrift stores.

“Be conscious about what you do.”– Myriam Laroche

“We've been talking about recycling for years,” explains Myriam. “And now I think more and more it's a habit for us—we recycle and we don't think about it. And for clothing, I think we can do something similar. The more you reuse what already exists, the less carbon footprint you leave.”

Myriam Laroche with Jeff Garner of Prophetik at Eco Fashion Week, photo by Jason Hargrove
Myriam with Jeff Garner, a leading eco-designer

With her understanding of how important sustainability is for the future of the planet, Myriam wanted to help spark a fashion revolution. In 2009 she created Eco Fashion Week, with runway shows twice a year promoting "eco" as a movement—not just a passing trend. With year-over-year growth & the attraction of international brands, Eco Fashion Week is proving Vancouver has what it takes to rival fashion's traditional power-cities—and Myriam is proving being environmentally conscious will forever be in fashion.