Formalitees Role Models

We’re inspired by people who blaze their own paths to positively impact the world; people who put their beliefs and values in action, helping to create the global power shift that’s happening as we gain an increased understanding of the interconnectedness of life.

Whether they’re focused on their own backyard or somewhere on the other side of the planet, these Role Models show there’s an unlimited number of ways to make a difference, and change is just a commitment away.

Role Models

Phoebe Coburn

Phoebe Coburn builds libraries in Nepal

When Phoebe moved back to America from Nepal, she was shocked by what her Nepalese friends were missing out on. Phoebe fused her passion for reading with her desire to share her opportunity, and started a chain of libraries in a place where children rarely even see books…

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Kim Karlsrud and Daniel Phillips bomb cities

When Kim and Daniel inherited a collection of gumball machines, using them to create a mass-distribution system of plant-packing "seedbombs" to reclaim vacant space in gray cities wasn't the first idea that sprung to mind… but it launched the Greenaid Seedbomb Vending Machine network across the globe.

Meet Kim and Daniel

Alec Loorz

Alec Loorz educates about climate change

When Alec learned how global warming was threatening his future—when he was 12 years old—he knew it would change his life. Now he's presented the science to over a hundred thousand people, empowering them to understand the problem so that we can avoid the worst of climate change—before it's too late.

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