Frequently Asked Questions

Tie Tee Care

Taking care of a Tie Tee is easy, but please note that because of the strong color contrasts between the shirt and the tie you need to be careful to prevent the colors from bleeding. Follow these steps for optimal care:

  1. FLIP your Tie T-shirt inside out – so the tie doesn’t tangle up with other laundry.
  2. WASH with a full load of similar colors in COLD WATER ONLY – this protects the color and minimizes the chance of bleeding. Similar colors means:

         • WHITE Tie Tees with WHITE laundry (but don't use bleach!)
         • BLUE Tie Tees with LIGHT color laundry
         • PURPLE Tie Tees with LIGHT color laundry
         • GREEN Tie Tees with DARK color laundry
         • RED Tie Tees with DARK color laundry (never with whites!)
         • BLACK Tie Tees with BLACK color laundry

  3. SOAP only with mild, eco-friendly soap – so the chemicals that conventional soap brands use to turn their soap blue and make it smell like bad perfume don’t ruin your Tie Tee’s colors (and the environment). Also, don’t use too much soap – besides wasting it, using too much soap could make colors bleed!
  4. DRY at a low temperature setting, keeping the shirt turned inside out.
  5. IRON the wrinkles out of the tie using a steam iron. Remove the knot, place the tie UPSIDE-DOWN on an ironing board or folded-up towel, pull it tight so there aren't any wrinkles where you'll iron, and press the tie using a steam iron on the lowest steam setting. Keep the iron moving so it doesn’t burn – but remember you turned it UPSIDE-DOWN so you're ironing the BACK of the tie, just in case!