Frequently Asked Questions

Tie Tee FAQ

Q) What’s a Tie Tee?
A) A Tie Tee is a T-shirt with a necktie attached to the collar of the shirt. The tie has a removable faux-knot to complete the look, and it swings freely just like a normal necktie would on a dress shirt. 

Q) What are Tie Tees made of?
A) Tie Tees are made from 100% organic cotton that’s grown by family farmers in Texas.

Q) Where are Tie Tees made?
A) Tie Tees are sewn in Los Angeles. 

Q) Why do you use organic cotton?
A) We only use organically grown cotton because chemically-soaked cotton is terrible for the environment. 

Q) Why do you do everything in the USA?
A) We keep production in the States because outsourcing jobs that Americans could do undermines the economy and increases carbon emissions from overseas transportation.

Q) What’s wrong with business suits?
A) Business suits symbolize corruption, lies, and greed. Plus, they’re really uncomfortable. 

Q) How do you ship orders?
A) Tie Tees are shipped First Class Mail through the United States Postal Service. It usually takes one business week for delivery. Read more about shipping here.

Q) What payment methods do you accept?
A) We accept all major credit cards, as well as PayPal. 

Q) Is ordering Tie Tees online safe?
A) Your security is our top priority. All payment information is encrypted using the strongest protection available from Verisign, the industry leader in security. In addition, our website is scanned daily by McAfee Secure to verify our compliance with the PCI Security Standards Council’s requirements.