100% Organic American Cotton

We all hate uncomfortable T-shirts. But what makes them feel so bad? Millions of pounds of carcinogenic chemicals pour over conventionally grown cotton every year. Learn why organic cotton is so important…

Why Organic?

The Invention of the Tie Tee

The Tie Tee was invented by Bjorn Borstelmann, who was sick of the wastefulness of business as usual.

Exposed to the fake tuxedo T-shirt phenomenon, he became intrigued by the contrast between the T-shirt and the real thing, but quickly tired of the cartoony mimicry. Realizing that making those printed ties real had never been done, the fact that he'd never picked up a sewing needle before wouldn’t stop him – the idea was too relevant to pass up.

Two old T-shirts, a pair of scissors, and some safety-pins later a prototype was born, and a crash-course education in the apparel industry was begun. Eventually a sustainably-sourced and socially-responsible shirt emerged—the Tie Tee, an evolved symbol of professionalism for the kind of leaders the world needs.