100% Organic American Cotton

We all hate uncomfortable T-shirts. But what makes them feel so bad? Millions of pounds of carcinogenic chemicals pour over conventionally grown cotton every year. Learn why organic cotton is so important…

Why Organic?

The Tie Tee Manifesto

Wall Street plays Houdini with our money, magically making it disappear from our hands and appear in their pockets. International corporations claim it’s just a cost of business when they wreck an entire ecosystem. Politicians swear they represent us, but their lie is obvious in a pay-to-play plutocracy. The business suit has cloaked their dishonesty in an image of professionalism for hundreds of years, and they’ve thoroughly tarnished the symbol. It’s time for an alternative.

The Tie Tee combines the casual comfort of a sustainably produced T-shirt with the timeless icon of a necktie, creating a new symbol of professionalism – one that’s as substantial as the symbol of servitude it replaces is shallow.

The new expectations for professionalism require higher standards than mere conformity. Modern professionals fight classism, selfish greed, and environmentally-destructive behavior – epitomizing a philosophy of kindness that aloof CEOs, greedy bankers, and treasonous politicians obviously despise.

Aware of the mounting problems our planet faces, we make conscious decisions to lessen our negative impact on the environment, and motivate others to think critically and leave close-mindedness behind. We aim to unite those disenfranchised by the status quo through optimism about our ability to leave old, unsustainable ideas behind and change the course of the world.

Formalitees and our Tie T-shirts stand for doing business better, because business as usual usually sucks.