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Organic Cotton or Nothing

Why do uncomfortable T-shirts make your skin crawl? It's from the millions of pounds of carcinogenic chemicals that pour over conventionally grown cotton every year. We avoid that collective madness, and you should know why…

Why Organic Cotton?

How to not ruin your Tie Tee

Taking care of a Tie Shirt is easy – just wash it cold to keep the colors vibrant, and iron the tie to keep it crisp and pressed. Follow these simple steps for optimal care…

Tie Tee Washing & Ironing

Tie Tees – A New Kind Of T-Shirt

Wall Street con artists, overpaid CEOs, crooked politicians… Our world is in dire need of change, but they seem to like it just how it is – unequal, exploitative, and under their control. Through the malevolence of these white-collar criminals, business suits have become a symbol of corruption, greed, and lies.

Opposing this evil, T-shirts have risen from their humble beginnings as the unmentionable undershirt of soldiers in the 30’s to become a sophisticated canvas of creative expression that clothes a social revolution sweeping the globe.

Now it’s time to claim the tireless icon of the necktie for ourselves and revitalize it with modern ideals – a healthy environment, a just economy, and open-minded leadership.

It’s time to create a new definition of professional.

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